cnc рутер машина за рязане на метал

Бързи подробности

Application: Laser Engraving
Състояние: Ново
Laser Type: CO2, sealed CO2 laser
Engraving Area: 400*600mm
Engraving Speed: 0-11000mm/min
Режим на охлаждане: Водно охлаждане
Applicable Material: Acrylic, Crytal, Glass, Leather, MDF, Paper, plastic, Plexiglax, Plywood, Rubber, Stone, Wood
Graphic Format Supported: AI, PLT, BMP, DST, DXP
Dimension(L*W*H): 1050*750*970mm
Certification: CE, SGS
Следпродажбено обслужване: Инженери на разположение за обслужване на машини в чужбина
Item name: cnc рутер машина за рязане на метал
cooling mode: water-cooling/invariable temperature water protection
Controlling software: DSP control system
Compatible software: corel Draw; AutoCAD;Photoshop
Auxiliary equipments: Assistant Fan, Air Compressor, Water pump
warranty: 1 year for the total machine; 3 months for laser tube



Working zone(x/y/z)400*600mm/600*900mm/120*900mm/1200*2500mm
Max laser average power40W / 60W/80w/100w Sealed CO2 laser tube
Laser mediumSealed CO2 laser
Cooling modeWater-cooling and protection system
Скорост на рязане0 ~ 18, 000mm / min
Engraving Speed0 ~ 50.000mm / min
Reposition Accuracy± 0.01mm
Min. letter size0.8 mm
Work tableProfessional work table with engraving
Волтаж220V (110V),   50/60Hz
Max. Power Consumed0.6KW/1KW/1.5KW
Controlling softwareDSP control system for USB connection
Съвместим софтуерCorelDraw;   AutoCAD;   Photoshop
Auxiliary equipmentsAssistant Fan, Air Compressor, Water pump
File format supportAI, BMP, PLT, DXF, JPEG, GIF; DMG
Operation temperature0 & ordm; C ~ 45 & ordm; C
Operation humidity5% ~ 95%
Pack Size1220mm* 850mm * 600mm1320mm* 950mm * 600mm
Брутно тегло200kg/230kg/280kg/380kg


Detailed description of product

1: The laser machine adopts imported straight trajectory, it posses stable operation, fast speed of cutting/engraving and high precision.
2: The machine adopts advanced USB off-line DSP motion control system with more stable performance and strong anti-jamming capability.
3: The laser tube adopts high quality product in China at present, its lifetime can exceed 8000hours, avoiding user changing laser tube frequently, and thereby it reduces the use-cost of equipment.
4: Using imported focus lens from America making engraving/cutting more precision to meet the requirement of high-end users.
5: Reflecting mirror adopts molybdenum metal of indestructible and high reflectance and reducing laser power consumption.
6: High-strength mechanical structure can insure stable operation and it's no need to adjust for a long time running.
7: The work table is coherent of frontal and back, it is convenient for materials passed through, and can be used for materials of indefinite length.
8: It is equipped with water-break and low water warning system, which can insure normal and high-efficiency operation of the laser tube.
9: with uncover protecting function; It can protect the security of the operation personnel efficiently.
10: It is equipped with exhaust-fans and air-exhaust pipe, perfect design for dust defending and anti-pollution, avoiding environment pollution.
11: The hardware adopts modular design; It is easy for user to installation and debugging.
12: The software has multilingual, user can edit in any language according to their needs.

Application scope

1. Advertisement: Scutcheon and sign in advertising, crystal characters making, double color boards, plank, and acrylic cutting/engraving.
2. Handicraft: Crystal gifts engraving, module cutting, greeting card making, bamboo and wood products making and jade engraving.
3. Textile: Advanced costume proofing, heterogenic fabric, leather, inwrought cutting, all kinds of pattern engraving such as leather shoes, leather boot, fur clothing, pants piece, garment piece, jeans and label etc.

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