малка машина с CNC плазмена машина за рязане 1530 преносима CNC метална плазмаFlame ламарина за рязане на машина за рязане

Бързи подробности

Състояние: Ново
Напрежение: 220V
Rated Power: 220W
Dimension(L*W*H): 3640*410*330
Weight: 125kg
Сертификация: CE
Гаранция: една година
Следпродажбено обслужване: Предлага се сервизен център в чужбина
Име: Small cnc plasma flame cutting machine
Model: ZZ-1020F/ZZ-1225F/ZZ-1525F/ZZ-1530F
Plasma THC: With/Without
Cutting Range: 1000*2000/1250*2500/1500*2500/1500*3000mm
Effective cutting length Y Axis: can be extended by your requirements
Torch Height Control Style: Motor Drive Torch Height Control
Transmission Style: Rack and Gear
Motor Style: 57 Series Step Motor
Moving Speed: 0-4000mm/min
Plasma cutting thickness: by Plasma Source

Описание на продукта

1.Good Working stability, high frequency interfere effectively plasma,lightweight portable
2.Support two cutting ways of flame and plasma
3.Economic benefits,the structure and design is contracted. it adopts humanistic positive man-machine conversation and operate easily
4.Cutting has high quality, high effect level, high precision
5.Programmable cutting arbitrary shape parts of line and arc
6.Dynamic and static graphic display, easy to learn. Can convert CAD file to program file in computer, through USB flash drive transmits
to machine to realize cutting all kinds graphs. And also can program and operate directly on the machine.
8.Pre-sale will train and after-sale will track service

Характеристики на продукта

1) Effective Cutting Range : 1000*2000mm/1250*2500mm/1500*2500mm/1500*3000mm
2) Plasma THC : With or Without
3) Flame Device: Including
4) 57 Series Step Motor
5) 0- 4000mm/min Moving Speed
6) Hypertherm/VICTOR/Drumbo/Hero ... Plasma Source for option



1.We are manufacturer and export CNC cutting machine over 7 years,very familiar with whole
shipping process,so can lose a lot risks.
2.Experienced technology&quality team,our engineers have over 15 years working experience
in the fields to ensure stable performance and excellent design.Also we can give you best solu-
tions if appearing problems after-sale.
3.We only choose high quality and famous materials parts for our machines.
4.Quick response:our customer service is professional and efficient to ensure your questions are
replied within 12 hours.
5.Warranty :1 year warranty from B/L issue date,during the period of time if it appears wrongs in
normal operation,will be repaired or replaced free of charge.